Computer Screen and Headache

The Effects of Neck and Shoulder Tension on the Human Body



Since you are, more than likely, reading this on a computer I want to do a little bit of an experiment with you.

As of right now, freeze in your current position and did not move a muscle until you finish reading this paragraph.

If you have been sitting at the computer reading for quite some time, more than likely you are hunched forward in your chair and you may be straining your neck in order to get your eyeballs a little bit closer to the computer screen.

It is also possible that your shoulders are hunched up as if you were shrugging them. If this is true, you may have just discovered why you are experiencing headaches.

All of us tend to be in that position from time to time, especially if we are on the computer regularly.


The real problems come because we tend to stay in that position for an extended period of time and it can cause considerable muscle tension that will end up with a pounding headache.

We may also be experiencing eye strain from using the computer regularly, something that we may not even recognize until it is too late.

If you would like to be able to get rid of the headaches that you are experiencing, without reducing the amount of time that you’re on the computer, here is a trick that will help you to do so.

Go to the store and get yourself a two-dollar egg timer. Set it beside your computer and turn it on for either 30 or 60 minutes.

Whenever the egg timer goes off, no matter what it is that you are doing, get up out of your chair and allow your shoulders to relax.


Spend about 60 seconds looking at anything except for the computer screen and perhaps take this opportunity to do some light stretching exercises.

Not only will you be more aware whenever you sit down at the computer again, but you will also have relieved much of the tension that may have been building up in your neck and shoulder area.

Whenever you do this regularly, you will begin to notice far fewer headaches as a result of the tension that is in your neck and shoulders.

It becomes a habit after a while, one that you will welcome whenever the timer goes off.

Most people who do this not only find that they are more productive as a result, they also are able to work longer because of fewer headaches that they are experiencing.