Can You Reduce High Blood Pressure through Food

Can You Reduce High Blood Pressure through Food?



One of the more frightening things that we need to deal with is high blood pressure. Not only can it cause serious problems, such as stroke and heart attack but it also tends to sneak up on individuals and they may live with the situation for many years before realizing that they have it. The reason why this is the case is that hypertension does not put off any noticeable symptoms unless you have something that is very serious that goes along with it. That is why it is necessary for you to check your blood pressure regularly.

If you would like to have an opportunity of lowering your blood pressure, there are some foods that may be able to help you.


High blood pressure is rather unique in the medical community as most doctors will readily admit the fact that living a healthy lifestyle can help to reduce your chances of high blood pressure or reduce your blood pressure numbers. They will tell you that you need to exercise and lose weight, and this certainly is an excellent place to start but there are also some foods that can be eaten which may help to lower your blood pressure significantly.


The first thing that you should consider trying is eating celery on a daily basis. Celery has chemicals in it which can help to change the blood in the body and to reduce blood pressure significantly. By eating three or four stocks every day, you may be able to change these numbers quite a bit and some people have found that their numbers go down to normal over the course of time. If you don’t necessarily like the taste of celery, try spreading a little bit of peanut butter on it to make it a little bit more palatable.


Garlic is also something that has been shown to help with the blood pressure but you might want to reduce the effects of garlic on your breath by getting plenty of exercises.

Apple cider vinegar is not only helpful for many other health problems but it can also help to balance your body and reduce your blood pressure.

Nature has provided us with many different things that can help or help significantly. By using the ones that will help us with our particular problem, we may be able to avoid having to take a lifetime of pills.


Balance Your Salt for Lower Blood Pressure


There is a common misconception about blood pressure and that is the fact that most people think that a high salt diet is going to cause you to have hypertension.

Something that needs to be understood is the fact that they have absolutely no idea what causes hypertension so to say that salt is the cause is really going against medical science.

In reality, it has more to do with balancing the body out and most doctors will recognize this if they really stop to think about it. Although salt may have an impact on your high blood pressure, especially whenever it is in concentrated forms, it may not mean that you need to reduce the amount of salt in your diet.


There is a very intricate balance that goes on within the human body and in order to maintain that balance, we need to equalize things properly.

For example, if we have a problem with salt and our blood pressure tends to be high, we don’t necessarily need to remove the salt from the diet but we may need to balance it out by drinking more water. This is a simple fact that many people tend to overlook but it is one that can make an amazing impact on your overall health.


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The human body is made up of well over 90% water and in order to maintain our health to the best of our ability, we need to make sure that we are getting enough water in our diet.

The unfortunate thing is, even individuals that are drinking water regularly may not be getting enough and could still be considered to be dehydrated. In order for you to truly hydrate your body, you need to drink half of your body weight every day in ounces of water. Along with that, you need to make sure that you are getting enough salt in order to keep things balanced and from tipping in the other direction.


One other part of this balance that many people don’t consider is potassium. Low potassium in the body can cause a number of different problems which range from an improper water-salt balance to high levels of homocysteine. If you want to be as balanced as possible and reduce your chance of hypertension, make sure that you are including potassium in your daily diet.



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